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Senior Science Camp

​Senior Science Camp 2013

​Last week the Senior Science 21 and Biology students conducted their bi-annual camp to Boyne Island Education Centre.

The first day entailed travel and sessions on energy as well as Rocky Foreshore studies.  The next day provided opportunities for students to investigate the conditions in which organisms live in the Sand Dune and Eucalypt Bushland ecosystems. 

Students then observed Mangroves at high tide by canoe.   While canoeing down the river, some of the students leaned too far to one side and experienced the water conditions first hand.  At the completion of the day, students walked away quite chuffed after they managed to capsize the teachers. 

 The next ecosystem that was studied was Mangroves at low tide.  Here, students noticed the presence of hydrogen sulphide (rotten egg gas) produced from the anaerobic activity of bacteria.  After energising the mud (jumping up and down), the mud liquefied which produced a sticky situation! 

The final activity of the camp was a high ropes course.  During the activity, students wore monitors and analysed the change in heart rate before, during and after being propelled into the air.

The students now have the challenging task of using the new knowledge and data collected at camp for their assessment task this term.

A big thankyou to Miss Fawns for organising and coordinating the camp!